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About Me...

I have been through an amazing journey that has inspired the muses within my soul. A journey where I have experienced the dualities between the light and the darkness. I have been seduced by the majesty of knowledge, and have been blessed with the power to love and the grace to be loved.

During my journey with photography, I have created my own mix media techniques using oils, acrylics and digital art. This new concept takes into account the use of modern tools and classic applications. I am inspired by the energy of love, compassion, and wisdom of the universe. My imagination and philosophy on life is expressed in my surrealistic pieces. My art take into account Greek, Egypt and Asian cultures and believes, as well Numerology.

I am inspired by the spectrum of “Aura”, which links the colors of the body’s energy and the soul. This gives me the opportunity to represent the invisible world on a canvas. 

My art has been commissioned by numerous art lovers and is now part of Sir Justin Davis private collection in Tokyo, Japan. Sir Justin Davis is a former member of the “Andy Warhol's Factory”, and collects pieces from artist to include Andy Warhol, Paul Cezanne,

Joan Miro, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and many more. Additionally, I have had the opportunity to create pieces for world famous designer, Yohji Yamamoto. I have also created pieces for Hollywood celebrities to include actress Sofia Vergara, actress Milla Jovovich, comedian Ellen Degeneres, R&B soul singer Macy Gray, alternative rock group “Blue October”, supermodel Tailor James, TVs kids favorite group the “Imagination Movers”, and world famous musician Steve Aoki. I have lived in several countries and have displayed many expositions of my art to include Colombia, Florida and Japan. I am now happily settled in California and recently showed my art, along with Wyland’s art, at Wyland’s Art Gallery homebased in Laguna Beach, Ca. I also currently have some pieces displayed at the Muramid Museum of Art in Oceanside, Ca.

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